What does wellness mean to a World Record holding, coffee loving, rollerskating, professional hoola hooper?

Read on in our very first Ketchup Profile, where we ask inspiring ladies leading bold lives about wellness, balance, food, vices and what makes them smile.


A quick scroll through Marawa’s fun filled Instagram account will quickly reveal why we picked her for our inaugural Ketchup Boss Profile.

The woman is a legitimate 5 WORLD RECORD HOLDER, can roller skate in high heels, actually went to circus school, and has performed for the likes of Nike and Kenzo. Not to mention, she is an unabashed fan (and contestant) of cheesy TV, teaches hooping, and runs events and workshops while regularly performing and finding the time to make hilarious videos. That’s a lot of sweat.

So we wanted to know how this hyperactive, creative boss lady keeps herself balanced while literally jumping through hoops. Hint: lots of coffee.

We hope you enjoy and tell us what you think in the comments.


3 words that best describe me
1. Coffee
2. Quality
3. Novelty

5 years ago I was . . .
Living in London Hooping full time.

My journey changed when . . .
I left Australia in 2007 to try out performing

The one piece of advice I’d give myself of 2 years ago is . . .
Don’t take the NYC contract – it was a cold winter in NYC and I never want to do that again.

In 3 years I’ll probably be . . .
Still making lists – but hopefully I will have crossed a few things off.


What do the words ‘wellness’ & ‘balance’ mean to you in terms of your daily life, career and creative process?
You gotta be healthy – as in the wellness part – trying to do anything when you aren’t feeling 100% is always harder and ultimately not as good – and being well comes from being balanced !

You gotta sleep and you gotta eat and you gotta exercise – as soon as you start messing with these things everything goes out of whack.

~Work is good but you gotta balance and listen to your body. It tells you everything. ~

Describe the best part of your daily routine:
Morning coffee and a walk around Echo Park lake THE BEST.

When do you feel most confident?
When I am wearing a catsuit (ed. We love this answer!)

Name 3 things that make you happy:
1. Coffee.
2. Rollerskating.
3. Disco music.

Favourite Disco Song?!
Macarthur Park LIVE – Donna Summer

You’ll never find another love like mine – Lou Rawls

Dance little lady dance – Tina Charles


My sweat is . . .
A sign I am alive

My meditation is . . .

Short but necessary.

~I use that headspace app – its pretty good – and I sit on a yoga block – i find it hard to just sit comfortably:
the block is key~

My eating style is . . .
Sometimes calm sometimes rushed but always good food.

Vice I’ll never give up . . .

London Kaffa coffee in Dalston – Markos is an Ethiopian next level coffee master.

NYC Jane – its a motorbike shop in Brooklyn but they also make coffee – the girl that is usually there makes little conversation but fabulous coffee

Fitness / Wellness trend I secretly want to try . . .
Spin class in a pool – sounds so good

Favourite Movie . . .
Holy Mountain

Last Holiday . . .
See a sea turtle. Every time. Never got over it. A turtle. Swimming in the sea.


Favourite Breakfast . . .
Waffle at Blue Bottle Coffee

Best local lunch spot . . .
Fish taco’s on sunset

Book I most recommend to others . . .
Pain Free – Pete Egoscue ( haha – its good for sporty ppl!)

Beauty item I can’t live without . . .
Eyebrow pencil

Favourite App . . .
Fruit ninja – still

Favourite Instagram accounts / blogs . . .
I don’t really follow ppl – I just search and use the hashtags to find things – I love Instagram for that
Eg.? #kokobware totally obsessed. to the point where another girl that follows me saw my posts about him and said she knew him – he lives in her neighbourhood in Tennessee – so I got to send him fan mail – the internet is so amazing.

Current workout music
Always soca


Best piece of advice I ever received . . .
Drink more water

The last thing I ate was . . .
A cold bowl of veggie green curry I had made the night before and then I fell asleep – not such a good look..

I chill the f*ck out by . . .

I’m looking forward to . . .
My next shows with Lucha vavoom

Marawa’s Veggie Green Curry Recipe

  • Many green veggies. always okra, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, broccoli.
  • Start an oil, garlic, onion situation in the pan.
  • Add slowest cooking veggies first
    (they have a really amazing green curry spice mix from the Silver Lake spice shop add a few spoons of that – get it all going.
  • Add a can of coconut milk
  • THEN (once that is all mixed) add the broccoli and spinach etc. (the things that cook in like 2 seconds)
  • Turn it off.
  • Serve over rice and add fresh cilantro aka coriander and bean shoots and lemon



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