Katelin & Heather

What keeps the YFBP babes grounded and upbeat?

Find out in the latest Ketchup Boss Profile, where we talk to inspiring ladies living large about wellness, balance, food, vices and smiles.


3 words that best describe us (YFBP)
1. Light hearted
2. Rebellious
3. Balanced

5 years ago we were…
Wandering the streets of NYC in either of these scenarios: Head to toe white spiritual garb, mala beads in hand, mantras on the tip of our tongue, and en route to a spiritual philosophy lecture, yoga class or kirtan.


Rocking the current downtown styles, sipping some wine to cure symptoms of late nights, blabbering like 20 year olds about relationships and bosses and politics and the trials and tribulations of being young women in a big city.Having a bit of both seemed to be very important to us.

Our journey changed when…
We planned our first retreat in Brazil. We called that retreat, Yoga For Bad People. Our formula came together on this trip. We decided there, walking down the beach together that everything from then on that we did as a unit would be YFBP.

The one piece of advice I’d give myself of 2 years ago is…
Katelin: pace yourself and don’t stop meditating

Heather: trust your instincts

In 3 years I’ll probably be…
Katelin: Living in NYC. co-running YFBP, maybe a mom of 2?

Heather: Traveling the world teaching, returning to my beautiful home in California, baby on the way, madly in love with life


What do the words ‘wellness’ & ‘balance’ mean to you in terms of your daily life, career and creative process?
Katelin: Wellness is a very individually based experience or state. What makes me “well” may not make you feel the same.Mostly I think it’s about understanding your own constitution, habits and what brings you to your balance. It is very easy to convince yourself that what is right for someone else is right for you, so in a sense wellness is first about discovering your own path to it and holding true to that.It’s why “wellness” has become a billion dollar industry. Variety and options are necessary in order to be able to suit and fulfil the wellness of all.

Heather: Wellness only exists with Balance. Real wellness isn’t being more green juiced than someone else, it has to do with being able to listen to the body and discipline yourself enough to not over do anything. You want to be able to refrain from certain food cravings or laziness, as well as indulge every now and then. A good balance of activity and rest, strict clean diets matched with some good old fashioned fried foods, being social and being alone are all necessary to get closer to the middle, where there is both flexibility and stability.

Describe your favourite part of your daily routine…
Katelin: having morning time with my baby, coffee and then allowing each day to unfold as it may.

Heather: both sticking to the routine and breaking the routine

Wellness is first about discovering your own path to it and holding true to that~


When do you feel most confident?
Katelin: When I have had a chance to work out. All my work is done or in a good place. I love my outfit. Bills are paid. Walking down the street listening to a great song.

Heather: After teaching a solid class, when I am well hydrated, hanging with the people that are closest to me and I trust wholeheartedly, and in the bright summer sun.

Name 3 things that make you happy:
Katelin: My daughter, Minni, Getting enough sleep, Dancing

Heather: A daytime party by the beach, moving my body to the beat, landing in South America


My sweat is…
Katelin: jumprope / Yoga / core / running

Heather: the class by tt, yoga, running, dancing

My meditation is….
Katelin: Sitting down to meditate, jumprope, running

Heather: eyes closed, seated, responding to everything with stillness, organizing things and watercolors

My eating style is….
Katelin: healthy with a healthy twist of bad

Heather: lots of all that fancy hippie veggie food goodness plus a dip in the other direction when necessary

Vice I’ll never give up…
Katelin: croissants

Heather: bright colors and prints

Fitness / Wellness trend I secretly want to try…
Katelin: Cryotherapy

Heather: this woman in Hawaii who cleanses the so called black snake from your intestines

Favourite Movie…
Katelin: The Goonies, Rust and Bone

Heather: Stand By Me

Last Holiday…
Katelin: jeeze….Block Island with Family

Heather: Tulum with my yoga teacher Colleen Saidman


Best local lunch spot…
Katelin: Il Bucco when Bot is working

Heather: The Butchers Daughter in Venice

Favourite IG accounts…
Katelin: @dancehardwow @bestoffootball

Heather: @inqlife @theclassbytt @thingsinmymouth

Book I most recommend to others…
Katelin: Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jetha

Heather: Shantaram and When Things Fall Apart

Beauty item I can’t live without…
Katelin: Water

Heather: Coconut oil

Favourite App…
Katelin: AmazonNOW

Heather: Pinterest

Current workout music…
Katelin: Feathered Sun (keep it warm), Metallica (Master of Puppets)

Heather: Fetty Wap anything and Aretha Franklin


Best piece of advice I ever received…
Katelin: “It’s nice to be nice” & “walk in like you own the joint”

Heather: “be kind to everyone, you never know who you are talking to”

The last thing I ate was…
Katelin: mochi

Heather: for the love of kale salad from juice press

I chill the f*ck out by…
Katelin: watch a soccer match or foot massage

Heather: day in a steam room and sauna

I’m looking forward to…
Katelin: teaching retreat in Ireland

Heather: spending a lot of time in Europe this summer





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