How does a photographer capture balance in her own life?

Read on in our third Ketchup Boss Profile, where we talk to inspiring ladies living large about wellness, balance, food, vices and smiles.


We found Mindy through her fitness focused photography on Instagram. What drew us in was a sense of grace in her distinctly feminine take on strong bodies. Clearly due to a combined passion for the sweat life and photography, she manages to capture women looking real and inspirational.

The mother and wife has her balance game on. Be sure to read, then re-read her thoughts on wellness and balance. They’ll remind you how it’s done and how to not feel bad when it aint.



3 words that best describe me
1. Seeker
2. Storyteller
3. Sweat junkie

5 years ago I was…

My journey changed when…
When I stopped living to please other people and started creating for myself.

The one piece of advice I’d give myself of 2 years ago is…
Look for color! The world, my world, is not black and white. Color adds interest, flavor, and personality. Without it my world would be a very dull place.

In 3 years I’ll probably be…
Who knows? Hopefully traveling more and experiencing new people, places, and cultures.


What do the words ‘wellness’ & ‘balance’ mean to you in terms of your daily life, career and creative process?
I know I’ve accomplished balance when I can say at the end of the day that I have been a decent wife/mom/friend, when I am excited about what I have created with my work, and when my body feels taken care of. It is a mix of work and passion, of love and necessity, of yoga and cardio, of wants and needs, of selfish and unselfish. For me it hinges almost completely on eliminating the unnecessary. So many things take up time and attention. It’s vital for me to spend that time on the things that are worth it. Somedays balance works, and somedays it feels completely unobtainable.

~It’s vital for me to spend that time on the things that are worth it.~

Describe the best part of your daily routine:
The part where I’m sweating.

When do you feel most confident?
When I am doing something hard. Doesn’t matter if I am working out, taking pictures, or mothering. The Bad Ass sensation of doing something difficult puts me on top of the world.

Name 3 things that make you happy:
1. Music.
2. Travel.
3. Endorphins.


My sweat is . . .

My meditation is . . .
A work in progress.

~The Bad Ass sensation of doing something difficult puts me on top of the world.~

My eating style is . . .
Mix of salty and sweet.

Vice I’ll never give up . . .
Chocolate cake doughnuts. With sprinkles of course.

Fitness / Wellness trend I secretly want to try . . .
The Class (www.theclasswithtt.com)

Favourite Movie . . .
The red shoes. A beautiful old film that I watched many times growing up. Full of beautiful cinematography and dance.

Last Holiday . . .
Was perfect, and I ate way too much.


Best local lunch spot . . .
Any where with a good acaii bowl!

Favourite Instagram accounts . . .
Here are a few 😉

Book I most recommend to others . . .
The ones with pictures in them.

Beauty item I can’t live without . . .
A good razor. I can’t stand hairy legs.

Favourite App . . .
VSCO makes photography on the phone much more fun.

Current workout music…
Right now, anything with a dancehall vibe. The beats and rhythms get me going.


Best piece of advice I ever received . . .
Just breathe. Harder than it sounds but it makes everything better.

The last thing I ate was . . .
A slice of my birthday cake!

I chill the f*ck out by . . .
Not sure I’m allowed to say on here 😉

I’m looking forward to . . .
The next time I travel somewhere new. I love the rush of the unknown, of being lost, of seeing something for the first time. I love the pictures that curiosity creates.



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