What rituals keep this reiki healing entrepreneur model in check?

Find out in the latest Ketchup Boss Profile, where we talk to inspiring ladies living large about wellness, balance, food, vices and smiles.


3 words that best describe me
1. Friendly
2. Independent
3. Spiritual

5 years ago I was…
Just out of undergrad and filming Season 8 of Project Runway

My journey changed when…
This has happened a million times. First time that stands out, age 11 when moved to Boulder CO and I read The Teachings of Buddha for three months straight because we were stuck in a hotel room and had no friends, have a feeling this is when I got pretty weird as a kid.

The one piece of advice I’d give myself of 2 years ago is…
Things change, you can change, things get better.

In 3 years I’ll probably be…
In my 30’s… possibly a mom, living between LA and somewhere in Europe I hope! SERENE is changing the world with SereneBook supporting millions to live healthier and happier lives holistically. I’m healing and supporting through reiki and philanthropy as well.


What do the words ‘wellness’ & ‘balance’ mean to you in terms of your daily life, career and creative process?
Wellness means to be healthy and happy from the inside out, mind body and spirit. To be well and balanced means that self care is top priority. For me, meditation, a plant based diet and an active and social lifestyle is key. I must have time to sweat, sit in stillness and share with others everyday to really be well and balanced.

Describe your favourite part of your daily routine..
Morning pages and meditation this always clears my mind. Meditation is my medicine. Playing with my dog and connecting with nature is also so key.

~Things change, you can change, things get better.~


When do you feel most confident?
After I go for a run… And take a shower. Running is so tough for me but so transformational every time!

Name 3 things that make you happy:
My friends, family and my dog!


My sweat is…

My meditation is….

My eating style is….
Plant based

Vice I’ll never give up…

Fitness / Wellness trend I secretly want to try…

Float tanks

Favourite Movie…
Practical Magic and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Last Holiday…
I take these whenever I can! But yesterday was a bit of a holiday just going to Malibu soho house to work alongside my man, my dog, my friend and Jordan!


Best local lunch spot…
Cafe Gratitude

Favourite Instagram accounts…

Book I most recommend to others…
Celestine Prophesy

Beauty item I can’t live without…
Shea Moisture Manuka Honey + Mafura Oil Hair Masque

Favourite App…

Current workout music…
Anything with a good beat and a positive message


Best piece of advice I ever received…
You have everything you need within you so go meditate.

The last thing I ate was…

I chill the f*ck out by…
Watching a funny movie or show like Silicone Valley or just mediate!

I’m looking forward to…
SereneBook launching because it will change the lives of everyone it touches! @millanasnow @serenebook

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